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Posted on: 2016-03-15 08:32:31
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Dealing with Blocked toilets in SE1

A blocked toilet SE1 can be a scary thing if you come to think of it. It is not so serious at times and it can be an easy DIY kind of job. When you are faced with a blocked toilet, there are some methods that you can try out in order to deal with the issue.

For the task before you, you will require:
A plunger
Gloves made of rubber
Wire coat hanger
Towels and newspapers
A bucket
A jug
A cleaning tool that is flexible
Unblocking the toilet

A blocked toilet SE1 can be caused by different things such as an air freshener, toys, or even nappies and sanitary towels. However, too much toilet paper can also cause clogging of the toilets. Unblocking is a rather dirty job, so protect yourself before you dive in to handle the task.

Don’t keep on flushing the toilet as it might overflow. Place the newspapers or towels around the toilet to catch any spillage that might occur.

After this, you need to remove some water from the pan if it is full. Use a bowl or jug to scoop out the water into the bucket.
You should now start plunging away. Press down as firmly as you can and then pull upwards. This should be done over and over again till that particular time you start hearing the water moving in the pipes and the toilet unblocks. Plunging may be required to be repeated several times. It is important to ensure you wash and disinfect the plunger soon after using it.
You can also use a coat hanger if the plunger doesn’t do the trick. You need to move the wire in a circular motion in and out so as to loosen the blockage or to encourage it to move within the drain.

A flexible cleaning tool can also be used. For blockages that are particularly stubborn and where a wire or plunger doesn’t help, you can have the cleaning tool reach even further into the pipe after insertion into the toilet. Push until you feel the position of the blockage. Move it around so as to clear it.

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